Friday, January 19, 2018

ShellieMay and Gelatoni at StormRider - Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 79 - 4/16/16

"We got a StormRider Fastpass! (This was in April 2016.  RIP StormRider.)"

"It is not 8:30 yet!"

"Let's ride Aquatopia!"

"I know this photo is dark, but I promise it was not spooky at all!"

"Ah, persona!" said Gelatoni. "I am so glad we did not get wet!"

"Oh hmmm...maybe it is crowded."

"We decided that if we waited in line for StormRider, we could keep the Fastpass as a souvenir!"

"Um...I think my goggles are crooked..."


"I wish the line was a little shorter, but I am glad we got some pictures!"

Saturday, January 13, 2018

To Tokyo DisneySea with Gelatoni - Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 76 - 4/16/16

"Hey! Jetlag is kind of great!  Because the human couldn't sleep, so we got to the gates at about 6:45 a.m.  Rope drop is at 8:00 a.m.! We are on an old Spring Voyage leisure sheet!"

"You did not get to see much of the park yet, Gelatoni, did you? We will have so much fun!"

(This was a sold-out day, but I felt like the crowds weren't any worse than what I've seen in Anaheim...lines got long, but the park is very well laid-out and spacious.)

"Let's hurry up and"

"Say formaggio!" said Gelatoni.

"Do you like the S.S. Columbia, Gelatoni? It is our human's favorite!"

Friday, January 12, 2018

Hello, Gelatoni! - Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 75 - 4/15/16

"We are back in the room! I will change clothes and--oh!"

"Ehi!!!" said Gelatoni.

"Oh! Hello there!"

"That is a very big earring you have, Gelatoni! Does it hurt?!"

"Hmm...." ::scratch scratch::

"I am free!"

"Yay! Welcome, Gelatoni!"

"Nice to meet you, Shellie May!"

"We LOVE Yamazaki Lunchpack!"

(That was one of the things the human found at Seiyu. She was SO excited because it let me pay an homage to her favorite Duffy page on Facebook. )

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ikspiari again - Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 74 - 4/15/16

"We got back a little bit before the shuttle was going to come, so the human asked her friend if we could look at the Disney Store a bit and then catch the shuttle.  She did not have a jacket and did not want to walk!"

"I promise she is not lazy, but we ended up walking 8 miles or something that day."

"Hey, I remember this tower!"

Monday, January 8, 2018

Brief Visit to Tokyo Station - Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 73 - 4/15/16

"We had to/got to change trains at Tokyo, it's like a mall!"

"Wow! Disney treats! I think this was near the platform for Maihama Station."

"So cute! I think it says chocolate and white?"