Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 25 - Toyville Trolley Park - 4/13/17

"The human took this picture to remind her what she did next...this is the restroom building...but it's so pretty!"

"Hey! More bears!"

"Here is my human talking about Toyville Trolley Park."

A quick stop by Toyville Trolley Park, which is fabulous and looks just like a tiny section of Coney Island (or at least what I've seen in my old postcards). I assume the main inspiration was Coney Island's glorious Luna Park which was known for its various minaret structures and amazing lights. Designating it a "trolley park" is perfect because to me, anyway, a trolley park conjures images of a smaller park accessed via trolley on the weekends, not a huge place like Coney Island.

"I get the feeling someone is watching me...."

"The human says..."

Woody is clearly inspired by the Funny Face of Steeplechase Park and the entrances in Australia's Luna Parks....but honestly, he's pretty creepy.


"Heading toward the entrance to the park through American Waterfront. It feels so empty!"

"Oh wow...the show is not running, but we can look inside the lobby...!"

"How beautiful!"

Friday, July 21, 2017

Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 24 - Surviving Tower of Terror - 4/13/16

"Did you know Tower of Terror has SHOULDER RESTRAINTS in Tokyo? WOW! The human said she liked the queue more than the ride. I agree with her, but I spent the ride stowed, so.....OH! And the gift shop...is the POOL!"

The human here.  It would have been completely reasonable for the gift shop to be the hotel's gift shop, but no, they decided to theme it as the swimming pool. Incredible!

"Oh my goodness poor Mickey!"

"Isn't it a beautiful building?"

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 23 - Tower of Terror queue - 4/13/16

"Let's go to Tower of Terror!"

"The human said it was gorgeous inside!"

"The human said this is a worse photo, but cuter. Awww."

Human here.  I'd read some people said you might go the whole day without seeing any "foreigners" at Tokyo Disney Resort, but that didn't hold true on uncrowded weekdays. A man and his daughter (?) were right behind us in line, chatting in English!

The queue gets more intimidating as it goes. I kept reducing our odds of getting through safely. "I'm 90% sure we'll be fine. I'm 80% sure..."

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 21 - Hurricane Point Lighthouse - 4/13/16

"Cape Cod!! We are headed to Hurricane Point Lighthouse!"

"Nice view!"

"The lighthouse! I remember this from some merchandise the human bought...."

So cute!

"And wow, other people are taking pictures of their Duffys!"

Friday, July 7, 2017

Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort - Part 20 - Cape Cod at last! - 4/13/16

"Oh my goodness we had seen pictures but..."

"IT'S CAPE COD!!! WOW! I saw that lighthouse in merchandise before..."

"There is room for three here...but the humans are too big for it, so it's just me for now..."

Do not tell me your wish, Shellie May! It will not come true!

"AUNT PEG'S! This was waiting for us in front."

"My human said it was both more detailed and more intimate than she'd imagined."


"New medallions!"

The metal plate on the side is to flatten the medals. It seems to work a bit, though you can't get them anywhere near flat.

"That cute little display convinced my human to buy me a little bag...sigh..."